Bulgarian Wholesale

Nacionalnaborsa.com is an online Bulgarian wholesale platform for selling food and non-food products from Bulgarian manufacturers, merchants and importers.
Here the sellers list their goods while the buyers search for and find the best offers available in a short amount of time.

Here the sellers can:

  • Sell their goods on time and have a competitive advantage in terms of pricing their products
  • Present their goods on the national market
  • Exhibit their goods in front of many buyers without having to spend money on gas, renting a stall on a wholesale market or renting a warehouse
  • Price their goods adequately without hidden percents and no shady bargains
  • Take advantage of the platform’s 24/7 uptime and have their goods visible throughout the day

The buyers on the other hand:

  • Have direct access to manufacturers nationwide without having to spend extra money
  • Receive lower prices straight from the manufacturers, avoiding retailers
  • Have 24/7 access to monitor the prices of key products from each category
  • Have access to fresh and quality goods
  • Have 24/7 access to every ad

The Bulgarian Wholesale is a place, where buyers and sellers meet. Here you can easily connect with each other and be a part of a deal that is advantageous and profitable for both parties.

The process of creating ads is very simple and for the people without permanent computer access – they can publish an ad with a simple SMS.
Enjoy browsing the website!